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Konetilapiirros ja mitat (PDF) / (c) Toyota corp.


Kompoja SW-malleina (ZIP)
Brusa_vacuum pump VP70_6E.IGS
Brusa_Fluid integrated heater group_RM4.IGS
Brusa_Circulation pump_MR600.IGS
Brusa_battery charger_NLG512-Wx.IGS
eCorolla design assy1_07122008.EASM
corolla design assy30122008_003vhy_EASM

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The eCorolla conversion kit is under development. All technical documentation available on this site is under prototype status. Installations of any construction, hardware or software, which is described on this site, will be done at one´s own risk. By downloading files from this site you acknowledge having read and understood this warning.

The 3D files on the sähkö site are intended to help engineers and designers contribute to the project by making available existing content such as components from manufacturers and fellow EV enthusiasts. By using the 3D files on this site you acknowledge that:

-you will evaluate, and bear all risks associated with the use of any Data, including any reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such Data.
-Under no circumstances will the individual who uploded the files be liable in any way for any Data, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any Data, or for any loss or damages of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any Data, including harm from viruses or harmful code.

Google SketchUp formaatit

Google SketchUp skripti 3D pistejoukon tuontiin
Moottoritila 1 (30.11.2008)

Itse eCorollasta tarinaa

Corollaan on tarkoitus istuttaa useaa tekniikkaa, jotta vaihtoehdoistaa saadaan kokemuksia ripeässä tahdissa.

Ensiasennuksissa mukana:

- AC24LS mottori
- AT1200 vaihteisto ja perä
- DMOC445 invertteri

- LFP-40
- LFP-60

Lithium Balance


Konversiomanuaalia työstetään googledocsissa.


In english jaettuna seuraavasti aihealueisiin:

01 Foreword
02 List of Parts and expenses
03 Taxes and paperwork
04 Conversion contract
05 Removing combustion engine, gearbox and exhaustion pipes
06 New electric engine chassis
07 Toyota Corolla © engine compartment
08 Electric Assembly
09 Compartment Chassis welding
10 Transmission
11 Electric motor
12 Battery pack
13 Cabling
14 Heater
15 Software and computers
16 Diagnosis
17 English-Finnish terms glossary

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